Shearing Time Giveaway

One week to go until Shearing Time is released! The Shearing Shed of the 1980's

It’s as exciting as when I was kid – I couldn’t wait for the shearing to begin! Shearing Time is a companion tale to my picture book Granny’s Place, again based on childhood memories with the same characters, including Granny … except it’s the 1970’s now and we are all a little older … including the dog (more on the dogs in a later post). Check the 1980’s photos – you will see the inspiration for Shearing Time – its where the action all happened, the real shed on the farm west of the great little town and wonderful community of Pyramid Hill in northern Victoria. That’s my Dad checking the ear tag on the Dorset Horn ram, the other sheep are a bit worried that their turn is next …  I grew up with my two sisters surrounded by animals – sheep, dogs, cats, chooks, cattle and the odd snake! The vast expanses of land gave us the freedom to explore and discover. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? But there were tough times as well – droughts, fires and floods. Australian farmers are a resilient bunch and I admire them greatly! More tomorrow on the creation of Shearing Time and a peek inside.  For your chance to win a copy of Shearing Time just comment on one of my daily posts and tell me about your fondest childhood memory. My favourite comment will be a winner! You can buy Shearing Time from the wonderful team at Big Sky Publishing.

Dad and the Dorset Horn rams
Dad in the yards

2 thoughts on “Shearing Time Giveaway

  1. My favourite times was playing in the haystack with our cousins and riding our horses bareback flatout down the dirt road, also helping to sew up the tops of the wheat bags and Mum would bring out to the paddock a basket of freshly cooked hot cross buns.


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