Shearing Time Launch and Giveaway

Inspirational Illustrations!

Here’s the original homestead known as Fairfields that my ancestors, the Shipp Family, built at Pyramid Hill circa 1880.  That’s my great-grandad, a shearer, at the gate in the 1950’s.  The shearing team camped in the house with the family. Shane McGrath’s depiction in Shearing Time is stunning.

The old home on the farm where my mum's family lived.
The old home on the farm where my mum’s family lived.

page-7-shearing-team-of-the-pastShane grew up in Melbourne and had lots of cousins that he loved to visit in places like Ballarat and St Arnaud in country Victoria. He would explore the old buildings, climb over old machinery and chase geckos through the bush. The sounds and colours of the countryside are what he remembers most. I think he perfectly captures the Australian landscape and rural life! Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Shearing Time and for another chance to win drop over to the wonderful Karen Tyrell’s blog on Tuesday, Feb 28.


3 thoughts on “Shearing Time Launch and Giveaway

  1. I am so looking forward to getting a copy of this book for my grandkids Di. Their father is a shearer and the homestead looks a lot like the home that my grandfather built in 1908, my Mum grew up in and so did we. My brothers son now lives there and the old log shearing shed and cowsheds are still standing but he’s put tin over the thatch. The half log fences around the cattle and sheep yards are starting to sink into the ground, rotting from the bottom up which would have broken my Grandpa’s heart after the tremendous amount of work he put into the farm.

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