‘Every school library needs this book – it’s a national treasure!’  Vanessa McKellar – Head of Library Services

Every year Australians gather on Anzac Day and Remembrance Day at services, parades and military events across Australia. We witness rituals that generate questions. Why do we wear poppies? Why do some soldiers wear kilts? Why do service personnel salute?

Australia Remembers: Customs and Traditions of the Australian Defence Force provides a detailed explanation of the origins of the many colourful customs and traditions visible on these important occasions. It explores the symbolism and the significance of such rituals in the lives of those Australians who have fought for their country and those who keep us safe today.  Described in language that is easily accessible to younger readers, the history behind what is visible on commemorative occasions is explored, while delving into the unusual and those not always seen – mottoes, mascots and music.

Praise for Australia Remembers: Customs and Traditions of the Australian Defence Force

 … a little book which evokes big feelings in the reader. While the format and use of appealing colours and pictures indicates the book is obviously written for children, this treasure trove of interesting facts, stimulating questions and a range of engaging activities, provides simple answers to the many questions we have all found ourselves wondering about the various customs and traditions of the ADF, regardless of our age.  Supported by an array of remarkable photographs of members and memorabilia from the 3 elements of the Australian Defence Force – the army, the navy and the air force – the information found within this book arouses feelings of patriotism, pride and unity as a nation with every page turn.

The libraries of homes, schools, communities and towns, both in Australia and farther afield, will be enriched in countless ways when this book is added to its collection. 

Sharon Lollback, Deputy Principal, The Lake College, North Lakes Queensland.


Review for Australia Remembers 2

There is so much I wasn’t aware of … we’ll definitely be using this book in our Anzac Day and Remembrance Day lessons. The layout and the images are just wonderful …

Christine Sharp, Runner-Up 2018 Teacher Librarian of the Year, QLD