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As the sun peeks over the horizon we are ready to start the working day all over again…

I love shearing time!

Shearing time is the best time of the year! Told through the eyes of a child, Shearing Time is a charming and evocative story that captures the author’s delight as her family work together during one of their most significant annual tasks. Sunrise to sunset there are sheep with attitude, a shed of shearers, dogs with personality, motorbikes and a country kitchen to open the door on the life of a country kid.

Shearing Time reflects the experience of rural children while providing an opportunity for early childhood readers to both appreciate that the lives of others are different to their own, to understand concepts related to the Australian farming experience and to engage with a delightful, accessible narrative of times past. Childhood memories and experiences bring the past to life!

Review for Shearing Time

Children will enjoy this fast paced story about Australia’s shearers, learning the process about our wool, from sheep to shop, acknowledging the hard work and dedication of our wool farmers and shearers

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